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PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is a state-owned information and communications technology enterprise and telecommunications network in Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia is the majority shareholder with 52.09 percent shares while the remaining 47.91 percent shares belong to public shareholders. Telkom’s shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) where it is listed as “TLKM” and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which lists it as “TLK”.


As it transforms to become a digital telecommunication company, Telkom implements a customer-oriented business and company operational strategy. The transformation aims to trim down Telkom’s organization to be leaner and more agile in adapting the fast-changing nature of the telecommunications industry. The new organization is expected to be able to improve efficiency and be more effective in producing a quality customer experience.


Company activities grow and change in accordance with the development of new technology, information and digitalization, but still within the corridor of telecommunications and information technology. This is evident in the newly developed business lines, which complements the company’s existing legacy business.


Telkom undoubtedly has led Indonesia's internet era and built vital infrastructure to provide internet access in cities, rural and remote areas, including building broadband infrastructure using fiber optics supported by satellite technology to reach the entire nation. According to the Telkom report first quarter 2021, the company has 114.83 million mobile data users and 8.15 million home internet. on. This accomplishment makes Telkom ready for the second curve journey, which adapts to the new era beyond internet connectivity.


Telkom Digital Business


Telkom continually strives to create growth opportunities through three business pillars:

  1. Digital Connectivity
  2. Digital Platform
  3. Digital Services.


The company's consistent investments are an important effort to strengthen its position as a market leader in the digital connectivity domain, by providing quality mobile data and fixed broadband services with the widest coverage in Indonesia. Telkom also continues to build data centers and clouds as the core of the digital platform, which enables the creation of various digital service features and solutions in accordance with our customers’ needs. Telkom believes that these three business pillars will still be very relevant in the future, consistent with the needs and demands of consumers.


Telkom’s strategy on leverage digital business


Telkom has taken bold leaps to develop its digital capabilities in this second curve journey, focusing on building digital platforms and services through three main strategic approaches: Build, Borrow and Buy.


In this Build strategy, Telkom aims to build a digital ecosystem to drive solutions for the communities. The company has opened its arms to build a strategic partnership with a global tech giant to accelerate its competency and capabilities in building a digital business in the Borrow strategy. Last but not least, in the Buy strategy, Telkom has made strategic investments to potential local and regional startups through its subsidiaries and investment ventures to expand the digital business and accelerate the market expansion.


With the early result that we have seen, we affirm that the strategy is on the right track. Therefore, Telkom is ready to embark on the new era, building a solid digital foundation to make Indonesia a digital hub for platform and service in the future.



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Indonesia Global Gateway

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) is an international telecommunications service provider that is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. With its international mindset, deep technical capabilities, and customer-first approach, Telin has proven itself well suited to helping enterprise customers achieve their goals in this era of rapid globalization.

PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel) Tbk is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia which operates to provide telecommunication infrastructure. Mitratel has been working on providing and managing telecommunication towers since 2008. Currently, Mitratel has managed more than 28.000 telecommunication towers spread throughout Indonesia.

MDI Ventures is a multi-stage Venture Capital firm backed by Telkom Indonesia with offices in Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States with extended offices in Europe and South Korea. Since 2016, MDI has been trusted in managing multiple funds and so far, have invested in over 50+ companies across 12 countries.

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